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Position Limits

The applicable position limits for SLBS are as under:

  • The market-wide position limits for SLB transactions is 10% of the free-float capital of the company in terms of number of shares
  • No Participant should have open position of more than 10% of the market-wide position limits or Rs. 50 crore (base value), whichever is lower
  • For a FII/MF, the position limits are the same as of the Participant
  • The client level position limits should not be not more than 1% of the market-wide position limits. All the applicable position limits applicable are computed on the last trading day of every month which will be applicable for the next month.

No position limits are applicable to early recall/repayment transactions. However position limits are applicable to the original transaction till the successful completion of the settlement of early recall/repayment transactions.