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Order Matching Platform - Liquid assets

Members can provide the deposits towards margin and/ or other obligations in any one or combination of the following forms:

  1. Cash
  2. Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDRs) issued by approved banks,
  3. Bank Guarantee in favour of NSE Clearing Limited formerly known as National Securities Clearing Corporation Limited from approved banks
  4. Government of India Securities/T-Bills
  5. Corporate bonds

The total liquid assets comprise of the cash component and the non cash component wherein the cash component shall be at least 50% of liquid assets.

Member may request the Clearing Corporation to release deposits held by the Clearing Corporation. Such requests may be considered by the Clearing Corporation if the Clearing Corporation chooses not to exercise its lien pursuant to the Rules, Byelaws and Regulations and subject to availability after due adjustments for the due fulfilment of all obligations and liabilities.

A facility is being provided in the Collateral Interface for Member (CIM) to enable members to transfer collaterals from one segment to other segment on an intraday basis.