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Payment of Margins

The initial and extreme loss margin is payable upfront by Clearing Members. Initial margins and extreme loss margins can be paid by members in the form of

  • Cash
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Fixed Deposit Receipts
  • Approved Securities
  • Government Securities

Clearing members who are clearing and settling for other trading members can specify the maximum collateral limit towards initial margins and extreme loss margins for each trading member and custodial participant clearing and settling through them.

Such limits can be set up by the clearing member, through the facility provided on the trading system upto the time specified in this regard. Such collateral limits once set are applicable to the trading members/custodial participants for that day, unless otherwise modified by clearing member.

Non-fulfillment of either whole or part of the margin obligations will be treated as a violation of the Rules, Bye-Laws and Regulations of NSE CLEARING and may attract penalty as specified by the Clearing Corporation from time to time.

In addition NSE CLEARING may at its discretion and without any further notice to the clearing member, initiate other disciplinary action, inter-alia including, withdrawal of trading facilities and/ or clearing facility, close out of outstanding positions, imposing penalties, collecting appropriate deposits, invoking bank guarantees/ fixed deposit receipts, etc.