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Voluntary Close out Facility

Voluntary Close out Facility enables members to voluntarily define a limit beyond which all their orders would get risk managed. Members desirous of availing the facility shall define a margin utilization limit in NCMS i.e., a Upper limit to move into Voluntary Close out mode and a Lower limit to move out of Voluntary Close out mode

In the Voluntary Close out mode members are permitted to create fresh positions and also close out the existing positions. All orders received in the Voluntary Close out mode are validated at the applicable margins for sufficiency of available capital prior to acceptance of the orders.

In Voluntary Close out mode the following shall apply:

  • All outstanding orders shall get cancelled
  • Incoming orders shall be risk managed for sufficiency of margins
  • Members shall not be allowed to place orders with custodial participant code
  • Client and Custodian Participant Code modification shall not be permitted
  • Member shall be allowed to modify the lower limit