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Margin Shortfall

In case of any shortfall in margin:

  • The members shall not be permitted to trade with immediate effect.
  • There is a penalty for margin violation

Penalty applicable for margin violation is levied on a monthly basis based on slabs as mentioned below:

Instances of DisablementPenalty to be levied
1st instance0.07% per day
2nd to 5th instance of disablement0.07% per day +Rs.5000/- per instance from 2nd to 5th instance
6th to 10th instance of disablement0.07% per day+ Rs. 20000 ( for 2nd to 5th instance) +Rs.10000/- per instance from 6th to 10th instance
11th instance onwards0.07% per day +Rs. 70,000/- (for 2nd to 10th instance) +Rs.10000/- per instance from 11th instance onwards. Additionally, the member will be referred to the Disciplinary Action Committee for suitable action

Instances as mentioned above shall refer to all disablements during market hours in a calendar month. The penal charge of 0.07% per day shall is applicable on all disablements due to margin violation anytime during the day.