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Regulatory Actions against Members

Defaulters Members

Sr. No. Date of Declaration Member Name Download
1 M/s Sunness Capital India Pvt Ltd CMPL52092.pdf
2 M/s C. M. Goenka Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd. CMPL51339.pdf
3 M/s Omkam Capital Markets Pvt Limited CMPL51151_0.pdf
4 M/s Yuvraj Securities CMPL49514.pdf
6 M/s Destiny Securities Ltd. CMPL46480.pdf
7 M/s Arcadia Share & Stock Brokers Private Limited CMPL46480.pdf
8 M/s Conard Securities Private Limited CMPL47831.pdf
9 M/s Bezel Stock Brokers Private Limitedd CMPL47826.pdf
10 M/s Reflection Investments CMPL47633.pdf
11 M/s Action Financial Services (India) Limited CMPL47099.pdf
12 M/s Sumpoorna Portfolio Limited CMPL46660.pdf
13 M/s Anugrah Stock & Broking Pvt. Ltd. CMPL46480.pdf
14 M/s Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. CMPL46440.pdf
15 M/s Modex International Securities Ltd. CMPL45715.pdf
16 M/s Quantum Global Securities Limited CMPL44280.pdf
17 M/s Wellindia Securities Limited CMPL44280.pdf
18 M/s Vineet Securities (P) Ltd. CMPL44280.pdf
19 M/s Grovalue Securities Pvt Ltd CMPL44280.pdf
20 M/s KSBL Securities Limited CMPL43738.pdf
21 M/s BMA Wealth Creators Limited CMPL43546.pdf
22 M/s Vrise Securities Private Limited CMPL43546.pdf
23 M/s Kaynet Finance Limited CMPL43546.pdf
24 M/s Fairwealth Securities Limited CMPL43231.pdf
25 M/s Wealth Mantra Limited CMPL43098.pdf
26 M/s CPR Capital Services Ltd CMPL43098.pdf
27 M/s. Allied Financial Services Pvt Ltd CMPL42581.pdf
28 M/s. Raghukul Shares India Private Limited CMPL42581.pdf
29 M/s. Credential Stock Brokers Limited CMPL42581.pdf
30 M/s Guiness Securities Limited CMPL40930.pdf
31 M/s Prem Somani Share Brokers Pvt. Ltd. CMPL38592.pdf
32 M/s F6 Finserve Private Ltd CMPL37455.pdf
33 M/s Ficus Securities Pvt Ltd CMPL37100.pdf
34 M/s Amrapali Aadya Trading & Investment Private Limited CMPT36097.pdf
35 M/s Prime Broking Company (India) Ltd. CMPT24740.pdf


Expelled Members

No Records


Cessation of Membership

Sr. No. Date of Declaration Member Name Download
1 M/s First Futures and Stocks Private Limited CMPL49987.pdf
2 M/s Indovision Securities Limited CMPL49921.pdf
4 M/s Anee Securities Private Limited CMPL45714.pdf
5 M/s Enrich Fin & Securities Ltd CMPL36754.pdf
6 M/s Moneyflo Securities Pvt Limited CMPL38685.pdf
7 M/s Rajanarayan Capital Markets Services Ltd. CMPL37829.pdf
8 M/s CPR Capital Services Limited CMPT24740.pdf
9 M/s Wealth Mantra Ltd CMPL37004.pdf
10 M/s Manoj Javeri Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd. COMP34887.pdf
11 M/s Sai Soft Securities Limited CMPT34576.pdf
12 M/s Alka Securities Limited CMPT34576.pdf
13 M/s Royal International Shares Private Limited CMPT34576.pdf
14 M/s Orion Capital And Debt Market COMP31104.pdf
15 M/s Moongipa Investments Limited COMP31104.pdf
16 M/s Fin Brains Securities (India) Ltd. COMP30629.pdf
17 M/s Click2Trade Capital Ltd. COMP30219.pdf
18 M/s Kassa Finvest Pvt. Ltd.
19 M/s Unicon Securities Pvt. Ltd.
20 M/s Parsoli Corporation Ltd.